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Medium: Which medium is to be used?

It is imperative to specify exactly the intended medium!

Specify the exact consistency of medium – gaseous, liquid, powdery or solid. Indicate in addition information on the abrasiveness and/or acidity of medium.

PLEASE NOTE! Enclose in “special cases”, whenever possible, a product-specific data sheet stating the exact concentrations of each ingredient!

CAUTION! Please take necessarily into consideration all existing parameters when specifying the proper sealing material!

Pressure: Which pressure resistance is needed?

It is imperative to specify here the maximum pressure in bar applied in the process!

CAUTION! The maximum pressure can differ substantially from the continuously applied operating pressure.

PLEASE NOTE! Specific characteristics like overpressure and/or vacuum are to be stated in any case. Inform BURGMER in case of pressures over 6 bar, since the seal is to be glued in! However, this may lead to problems regarding the easy replacement of the seal – spare part.

Temperature: Which temperature resistance is needed?

It is imperative to specify here the minimum and maximum temperature applied in the process.

PLEASE NOTE! Temperature peaks arising in the process – both in the sub-zero and the above-zero range – may differ also substantially from the standard temperature range defined in the process.

Deployment site: Where is our product to be used/installed?

It is imperative to specify here the exact use and deployment site intended for the BURGMER fitting.

PLEASE NOTE! Make sure to indicate all specific conditions applying to the deployment site, such as installation guidelines and on site dimensional specifications (e.g. special coatings, shaft extensions, etc.)!

CAUTION! Please specify any needs for type examinations, CE categories and/or ATEX zones!

Actuation: Which type of actuation is needed?

It is imperative to specify here the actuation type needed for the process (manual, pneumatic, electrical).

PLEASE NOTE! When planning, take into consideration the necessary breakaway torques per version of valve – in relation to nominal size and pressure requirements.

Quantity: Which number of units per year is predicted?

It is imperative to specify here – for reasons of material disposition as well as for assessing delivery times – as accurately as possible the number of units per version and year and the precise ordering cycles!

PLEASE NOTE! BURGMER will not be able to ensure a precise statement on sale prices and delivery times if the information requested above is not provided.

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